Nature Destinations

National Parks
More than 11,000,000 acres of Iran is under the protection that indicates the high potential of Iran in ecotourism and wildlife tourism. Iran, with a unique geographical position, located in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. Appropriate distance from the equator and the North Pole, made the Iran’s weather pretty balanced.

Existence of natural phenomenon, such as mountains, desert, jungle, sea, plains, lagoons, caves, etc. has led Iran to title “the conflict country”. Iran is divided into 4 main sections of protected areas that are protected for more than 50 years: 1- national parks, 2- wildlife shelters, 3- protected regions, 4- National natural monuments.

All of these regions possess a good potential of tourism. Iran’s position in terms of flora and fauna coverage is unique. Around 540 species of birds, 400 species of butterflies, 195 species of mammals, and 10,000 plant species in this country are listed. These numbers represent the diversity of biological life in Iran.

Alborz-e-Markazi  Protected Area
Alborz-e-Markazi (Central Alborz)   National Nature Monument
Angoran Protected Area
Arasbaran Protected Area
Arjan Protected Area
Bahramgor Protected Area
Bakhtegan Wildlife Refuge
Bazman Protected Area
Bisotun Protected Area
Dasht-e-Naz Wildlife Refuge
Dez Wildlife Refuge
Feridonkanar Protected Area
Ghorkhod Protected Area
Golestan National Park
Hamoun Protected Area
Jahannoma Protected Area
Khab-o-Rochon Wildlife Refuge
Kharko Wildlife Refuge
Khoshkedaran National Nature Monument
Khoshyeylagh Wildlife Refuge
Kolahghazi Wildlife Refuge
Lar River Protected Area
Lilium ledebourii National Nature Monument
Lisar Protected Area
Miandasht Wildlife Refuge
Miankaleh Wildlife Refuge
Oshtran Kuh Protected Area
Parvar Protected Area
Salouk Protected Area
Semeskandeh Protected Area
Sero (Herozil) National Nature Monument
Sorkheh Hesar National Park
Tang Sayyad Protected Area
Vargin Protected Area