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Horseback Riding Matinabad

Horseback riding vacations in Iran

Horseback riding is big in Iran and Hidden Trails has found some of the best horseback vacations for you. Iran is home to the famed Turkman Horses (originating from the region of the same name Turkmenistan), and belong to the Turkman Nomads in northwest of Iran. Iran also abounds with history and heritage, and many people travel there to reconnect with their distant Iranian heritage Join us in Iran for the horse riding holiday in Mountains, Desert, Caspian Sea and the Hyrcanian forest!

Horse Riding in Iran:

Many local horse breeds are featured in our Iranian horse rides, including the Turkman and many other mixed races.

Horse riding opportunities in Iran are diverse and varied, and cater for all levels of rider – from beginners to seasoned equestrians.

Iran Culture and Climate:

Iran has a unique cultural identity – one that they strongly defend and uphold. Separated from the Mideastern culture.

With a strong and vibrant Persian heritages, the Iran possess a flair for story telling, music and literature.

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